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BERNINA 210/215

BERNINA 210/215

Start Sewing with the BERNINA 210 or 215

This new, affordable machine is the perfect way to entertain your
creativity and sew to your heart’s content. Swiss engineered for
quality performance, the BERNINA 215 is the perfect first machine or
traveling companion. From altering garments to designing décor,
endless possibilities are at your fingertips.
Get acquainted with the newest member
of the BERNINA family—the BERNINA 215!

You can expand your options with a full range
of accessories and turn your machine into a work of art with custom
BERNINA DesignSkins®.

BERNINA DesignSkins® are precision-cut vinyl stickers
that are easily applied to your BERNINA, allowing
you to sync your machine with your style. Simply visit
the website to upload your own image or choose an
existing design from our online gallery and in just a
few days your custom DesignSkin® will be at your door!
Visit for ordering info.

Key Features

LCD Screen
The illuminated screen
provides information and
settings, such as selected
stitch, stitch length,
width, needle stop and
recommended presser foot.

Two Spool Holders
Accommodates a variety
of threads and is convenient
for double needles,
decorative techniques
and winding bobbins.

Total Stitch Control
Press the buttons to alter
stitch length, width and
needle position. Settings are
displayed on-screen and are
temporarily saved.

Direct Stitch Selection
Access each stitch at the press
of a button. Preset with the
most commonly used settings.

Needle Stop and Sewing Speed
Set needle stop up
or down and cut the
sewing speed in half at
the touch of a button.

Quick Reverse Button
Easily enables temporary
and permanent sewing
in reverse.

Needle Threader
Seamlessly guide the
thread through the eye
of a needle.

LED Sewing Light
Illuminates the sewing
area around the needle.

Thread Cutter
Three thread cutters
make the cutting of
upper and lower threads
especially easy.

Consistent Thread Tension
Effortlessly adjust and
reset thread tension
for specialty threads
and techniques.

The high-quality BERNINA 215 is built with a CB hook system that ensures
consistent thread tension and stitch quality. Plus, its powerful motor means you
can drive the needle through thick and multilayered fabrics with ease. With
sturdy construction and the ability to expand your creativity with a wide range
of accessories, you’ll be sure to enjoy your BERNINA 215 for years to come.

Download the Bernina 215 Brochure