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This gem of a sewing machine has the
BERNINA features and easy convenience
beginners love…at a very affordable
price. Ideal for sewing quilts, crafts and
garments, the machine offers 16 practical
and decorative stitches plus an
easy-to-sew buttonhole. And every stitch
is perfectly balanced and evenly placed
right where you want it.
As for convenience, it’s built right in.
Stitch selection is fast and easy. And
the machine tells you which presser
foot, stitch length and width, and needle
position you’ll need for the best results.
There’s also a handy thread cutter, a bobbin winder you
can’t overfill, and a host of other features that make sewing simple and fun.

Below are just a few of the great features you’ll find on the 1008.

Key Features

Perfect Sewing CB Hook
Our patented CB Hook system ensures perfect,
balanced stitches on any fabric, every time.

Five Needle Positions
Five needle positions let you position your stitches
precisely where you want them without moving the

Innitely Variable Stitch Length/Width
Match and adjust stitch width and length for
any type of fabric or thread selection.

6-step Buttonhole
Get perfect buttonholes on any fabric.Our 6-step
buttonhole delivers even, adjustable density on
both forward and reverse beads (with both beads
sewn in the same direction for even density).

Convenience Features Stitch Setting Chart
This easy chart helps you choose the correct
presser foot, needle position, stitch length and

Slender Freearm
The slender freearm makes it easier than ever to
sew kids’ clothing, cuffs, collars or other circular

Technical Specifications
Green Practical Stitches Red Practical & Decorative Stitches
1008 — Product Features cont nued
Straight Stitch Triple Straight Stitch
Zig-zag Triple Zig-zag
Blind Stitch Towelling Stitch
Universal Double Overlock
Stretch Stitch Edge Stitch
Vari-Overlock Reinforced Overlock Stitch
Running Stitch 15 & 16: Decorative
Scallop Stitch

Convenience Features (continued)

Retractable Carrying Handle
This sturdy, retractable handle tucks away when
you store your machine.

Easy-to-reach Feed Dog Drop
With its external knob and handy location, the feed
dog drop is ready when you are.

Helpful Tools
5 Snap-on Presser Feet
The 1008 comes with five snap-on, all-metal
presser feet, including #1 Reverse Pattern (All
Purpose), #2 Overlock, #3 Buttonhole, #4 Zipper
and #5 Blindstitch.

Additional Accessories
The 1008 BERNINA accessories let you customize
your machine to your sewing — and keep personalizing
it as your interests and needs change.

Download the Bernina 1008 Brochure