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A simple threading system.
The Bernina lay-in system lets you thread quickly and directly—and the automatic lower-looper threading system makes it simpler, too. Stitch widths up to 9 mm. Even lets you sew together loose knits, such as hand-knitted sweaters.

Sew, cut and neaten in a single operation—in overlock, chain or coverstitch. Innovative features make Bernina sergers delightfully easy to use and ensure professional quality down to the last stitch.
The M series of sergers allow you to sew creatively with unrivalled ease. You’ll be inspired
by the wide range of stitches and enjoy the wealth of deluxe features that make serging an even greater pleasure.

From loose to lovely with a flick of the wrist.
Micro Thread Control (mtc). Only from Bernina. Micro Thread Control fine tunes over-edge thread length at the turn of a knob for tight, clean results like this. The M series – two amazing sergers with the exclusive and patented* micro thread control. from loose to lovely with a flick of the wrist.
It’s not just more precise, it’s easier. Previously, to correct overhanging thread loops, you had to reset cutting width and both looper tensions. Now, one twist of the mtc knob makes a smooth, tight seam, and makes it easy to create a professional finish as you move from fabric to fabric. These edges are so perfect, you have to see them to believe them.

Key Features

Patented Swing-Out Presser Foot
Simply swing the foot out to the side to give yourself plenty of space for easy threading and hassle-free needle change.

Front Foot Lift System

The front foot lift gives an additional lift to the front of the presser foot, making it possible to  accurately position multiple layers of fabric and bulky projects such as hand-knitted jumpers underneath it.

Professional Knife Drive from Above

Provides the greatest, most robust cutting force. Even thick fabrics won’t deflect the upper knife - so all fabric edges can be trimmed safely and professionally

Swing-out Upper Knife Arm

The upper knife arm can be quick-released effortlessly at the press of a button to provide more room. This is particularly advantageous when, for example, you’re working in coverstitch mode, or do not wish to trim the fabric edge.

Accessories in the Looper Cover

Here you’ll find the most commonly used accessories, neatly arranged and ready-to-hand.

Handwheel Position Indicator

Easy, ergonomic operation: With the aid of the vision panel and the red position indicators, you’ll find the ideal threading position for the needles and the lower looper straightaway

Rolled Hem Lever

Simply flick the rolled hem lever to switch effortlessly to a rolled hem stitch and back again, with no need to change the stitch plate or presser foot.

LCD Screen

The clear display tells you both the personal and default basic settings of the stitch variants. You can also read the recommended basic thread tension here, as well as save personal settings.

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