Stand Up to Diabetes..........Let's all stand behind Payton in her fight to find a cure!!






Our Treasure is a CURE



Dear Family and Friends:


We are writing to you on behalf of our Daughter, Payton.  At the age of 7 she was diagnosed with juvenile (type 1) diabetes.  She is required to constantly check her blood sugar levels by pricking her tiny fingers 4-5 times per day and she has to have 4 shots of insulin per day.  Also, she must maintain a tightly controlled diet and scheduled food intake.  Worst of all, this disease carries with it the risk of life-threatening complications.  At age 9, diabetes is part of Payton’s everyday life.  To this point she has endured approximately 4000 finger pricks and approximately 3000 insulin shots. But, as you probably know, insulin is not a cure; it is merely life support.


As parents we try from the moment our children are born to protect them from any harm.  We must do everything we can to help find a cure for this disease.  The Juvenile Diabetes research Foundation (JDRF) is helping to accelerate diabetes research and we are closer to a cure than ever before.  JDRF is the largest worldwide organization dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes.  85% of every dollar spent goes to research and education about research – since 1970 JDRF has provided more than $900 million dollars to diabetes research worldwide.  That is why we have decided to join JDRF and help find a cure for diabetes.


On Saturday, May 19, 2012, we will participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Walk to Cure Diabetes.   Please help us make a difference for Payton and the millions of other children and adults living with diabetes.  There are two ways you can participate:


·         You can send a tax-deductible contribution of any amount, made payable to the JDRF to our home (please contact us if you would like to do this and we will provide our address)

·         You can contribute via the Internet.  Go to and then donate to our team by searching for Payton’s Pirates under the heading “Support a Walker.”   Your online donation can be made by credit card and is also tax-deductible.


Our family goal is to raise $2000 this year for diabetes research.  Every dollar will help bring us one step closer to the cure.  Thank you in advance for your support!!






In Memory of


Victoria Allen



With Thanks,

Brian and Jamie Wilkinson