January- February 2012

Before we look at the new year let's look back at 2011.  We had a good year with a lot of clubs and classes.  We want to thank everyone that help with our pillowcase donations to Riley’s Children Hospital.  We donated several hundred to them and also donated to area women’s shelters.  There is a letter posted on our bulletin board up front from Riley’s so if you are in the shop please read it.  We also had a good last 3 months and sold several machines and software packages.  When we sell a machine we give one on one classes to teach how to use the machines.  Please be patient with us as we try to work out all the upcoming classes for new machines.  These classes must be scheduled with Sharon, Cathy or Joanne and it can get a little hard to find time to not only do these classes but also offer you group classes and clubs plus run the store. We are looking for some of  our regular customers that have given classes in the past to help us by coming in and giving some group classes or being a guest speaker at a club.  If you are interested please call the shop and ask for Sharon or Cathy to set that up.  We do have a list of clubs that we will be trying to do this year so ask if you can do one of them for us.  Below is a list of all the clubs for the year.  

BERNINA CLUBS: Clubs start at 9:30 and Doors open at 9:00
February 24th and 25th
April 27th and 28th
June 29th and 30th
August 24th and 25th
October 26th and 27th
December 1st -Pot Luck Brunch

EMBROIDERY CLUBS: Clubs start at 9:30 and doors open at 9:00
January 28th
March 31st
July 28th
November 17th

March 13th, Tuesday from 4:00-8:00
May 25th, Friday from 5:00-9:00
August 9th, Thursday from 4:00-8:00
September 28th, Friday 5:00-9:00

SOFTWARE CLUBS: Clubs start at 9:30 with doors open at 9:00 unless noted
January 21st at 12:00
March 17th
May 26th
August 18th
October 20th
December 15th


DATE        DAY        CLASS                TIME        FEE        
1        Wed        Software V6 w/Cathy            10:30        $10.00    
2        Thur        Heart Pillow Applique w/ Sharon    10:30        $20.00
                         Mastering feet#6,20,23,56,39        
3        Fri        Cutwork Software w/Cathy        10:30        Free*
4        Sat        Beginning Sewing w/Barbara        9:30        $15.00
7        Tue        Software V6 Mastering         1:00        $30.00
                        With Alice        
8        Wed        Software V6 Mastering        10:00        $30.00
                             With Alice                  1:00    
14        Tue        Software V6 w/Cathy            1:00        $10.00
15        Wed        Software V6 w/Cathy            10:30        $10.00    
16        Thur        The Doodle Bag w/Joanne        10:30        $20.00
                            Mastering feet #9,15,29,BSR
17        Fri        Baby Gift Class w/Sharon         10:30        $25.00
18        Sat        Chasing Butterflies            10:30        $20.00    
                            W/ Cathy
21        Tue        Software V6 Mastering        1:00        $30.00    
                           With Alice
22        Wed        Software V6 Mastering        10:00        $30.00
                             W/ Alice                1:00        
24        Sat        Bernina Club                9:30        $10.00
25        Sat        Bernina Club                9:30        $10.00
28        Tue        Software V6 w/Cathy            1:00        $10.00
29        Wed        Software V6 w/ Cathy            10:30        $10.00


Please pre-register and pre-pay for all classes at least 24 hours prior to class date and time.  If a supply list is needed you will receive it when your register.  If a class must be cancelled due to lack of enrollment or the weather, your money will be refunded.  All classes will be cancelled if the Evansville Public Schools are closed due to bad weather.  You need to call to see if our store is closed before coming.  We will try to reschedule classes if cancelled.


SOFTWARE V6 WITH CATHY: In class consists of over 27 different lessons.  You do not need to come to these in order.  They are all basic lessons to teach you how to use the basics in your software.  All advanced lessons are taught by Alice Freels and are classes that have a charge for each class.  

SOFTWARE V6 MASTERING WITH ALICE FREELS:  This is an on going class teaching all aspects of the software including digitizing.

CUTWORK SOFTWARE WITH CATHY: Join us as we learn the Bernina Cutwork Software program.  This class teaches you the basics as we work our way though the mastering book.  This class is free to those of you that bought your software from us.

BEGINNING SEWING WITH BARBARA:  Learn the basics of sewing from pattern selection, buying fabric and accessories, fitting and sewing it all together with Barbara Andrews.  

SEWING MACHINE APPLIQUE HEART PILLOW:  This beautiful heart pillow is great for beginners or for those that one to brush up on machine appliqué techniques.  Use the #20/20C Open Embroidery Foot to create this colorful and fun pillow.   

/The Doodle Bag with Joanne:  Master your free motion feet in this class and make a cute doodle bag.

Baby Gift Class with Sharon:  In this class your will make a baby blanket, birp cloth and decorate a onsie.  

In this class we will go through scanning a cross work design into our computer and then opening into the Cross Stitch program in the Version 6 Software.  This design is part of a quilt from a book that you will receive in class.

BERNINA CLUB: This months Bernina Club is “A “Tisket a Tasket- Create a sewing Basket”

    James and Sharon will be out of the store February 2nd - 4th and Cathy may have to close the store early depending on if she has to pick up kids from school.  During those days please call to see if anyone is in the shop after 1:30.